GramLine Plinth

A boundary "WeedWall"or "Retaining"Wall.

sampleWeedWall Applications.

The NEW GramLine Plinth helps to slow down weeds, rubbish, dirt, grass and even snakes from entering your backyard or property from under the Steel Privacy Fence.

The GramLine Plinth fits under the bottom Slimline Rail and inside the Slimline Channel Posts of your GramLine Steel Privacy Fence.

Why have timber sleepers or cooper logs when you now have a Steel Plinth that finishes and matches your Steel Privacy Fence superbly?

Retaining Wall Applications

The GramLine Plinth can be used up to 5 Plinths high, (approximately 600mm), when a retaining wall is the appropriate solution. The Slimline Channel Posts may need to be re-enforced and the depth plus diameter of the concrete may need to be increased, depending on the height of the wall to be constructed.

If you require further technical advice please contact us.

All GramLine Plinth Retaining Walls should be backfilled with blue metal to allow for easy drainage of water.


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