Pool & Garden Fencing

Pool Fencing protects you and your family.


Pool fencing is available in stylish and sophisticated designs that will suit any of your Poll Fencing needs. There is an extensive range of fencing styles and colours that will combine with your pool and garden to give a flawless apprarance.

Pool Gates come with self-closing hinges and latches that will protect your children.

Pool Fencing is designed and manufactured to comply with local standards for swimming pool safety fences and gates. They are manufactured in two basic material finishes: Aluminium/Powder-Coated and Pre-Galvanised/Powder-Coated.

Aluminium fish provides premium quality, long life, and is recommended for use around salt-water pools, as well as seaside living. Pre-Galvanised is highly recommended for general Decorative Garden Fencing.

Pool Fencing is available in various lengths and heights to suit your individual or council requirements.

Garden Fencing

Weather you are selecting a new fence to put around your home, or replacing an old one, fences are a great way to add a decorative touch to your garden or backyard.

 Decorative Garden Fencing is similar to Pool Fencing.


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